ACAIA Lunar Espresso Scale

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The Lunar is designed for measuring espresso beverage weight. It has added water resistance and durability to survive in busy coffee bars. It includes auto-timer and auto-tare modes to improve workflow and allow more frequent weighing of shots without slowing down drink production.

The Lunar can be used with the Lunar Weighing Plate to weigh the coffee dose in a portafilter or to weigh two cups for
split doubles. The Lunar also makes a convenient
travel scale for all forms of coffee brewing.

• Water Resistant
• Durable
• Customizable Smart Auto-off
• USB Rechargeable
• Mobile App Compatible via Bluetooth • Auto-Start, Stop, and Tare Features

W: 105 mm L: 105 mm H: 15 mm Maximum: 2000 g Minimum: 0.1 g Readability: 0.1 g Repeatability: 0.1 g Color: White, Silver, Black

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