Adjustable Depth Dual Head Tamper & Distributor

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Get the best results out of your espresso experience every time with our new professional-grade two-sided tamper & distributor.

The new Hugh Inc. Tamper consists of a matte finished black anodized aluminum body and stand, with two screw-style adjustable depth 304 stainless steel plates; a flat head tamper, and wedge style distributor (leveler).

To adjust the flat head tamper depth, firmly grip the tamper with both hands and gently twist slightly releasing the two halves of the aluminum body. Next, rotate the flat head tamper plate counterclockwise to increase the tamping depth and clockwise to decrease the tamping depth. To adjust the distribution depth, follow the same process.


Each side is adjustable from 6mm to a maximum of13mm. 

*Max depth if only one side is fully extended. If both sides are adjusted, 6mm maximum each side.


Available in two sizes, 50.5mm & 58.3mm.


Size 50.5mm Tamper & Stand 58.3mm Tamper & Stand

Body: 59.7mm (D) x 68.5mm (H)

Plates: 50.5mm (D)

Stand: 59.5mm (D) x 13mm (H)

Body: 65.0mm (D) x 58.3mm (H)

Plates: 58.3mm (D)

Stand: 65mm (D) x 13mm (H)


Tamper: 525g

Stand: 40g

Tamper: 670g

Stand: 40g


Adjustable depth dual flat head tamper and wedge leveler.


Tamper & Distributor Plates: 304 stainless steel plates.

Body & Stand: Anodized Aluminum.



MFR. Hugh Inc.


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