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Fellow Ode Grinder + Gen 2 Burrs BundleFellow Ode Grinder + Gen 2 Burrs Bundle
On sale

Fellow Ode Grinder + Gen 2 Burrs Bundle

₱20,500.00 ₱23,100.00
Fellow Stagg EKG 0.9L 220VFellow Stagg EKG 0.9L 220V
On sale

Fellow Stagg EKG 0.9L 220V

₱10,500.00 ₱11,000.00
ACAIA Pearl (2021)ACAIA Pearl (2021)
On sale

ACAIA Pearl (2021)

₱11,000.00 ₱11,500.00
Acaia Lunar 2021 Espresso ScaleAcaia Lunar 2021 Espresso Scale
On sale

Acaia Lunar 2021 Espresso Scale

₱18,500.00 ₱21,000.00
ACAIA Pearl Model SACAIA Pearl Model S
Sold out

ACAIA Pearl Model S

₱14,000.00 ₱14,500.00
Fellow Ode Brew Grinder(v1.1 Burrs)Fellow Ode Brew Grinder(v1.1 Burrs)
On sale

Fellow Ode Brew Grinder(v1.1 Burrs)

₱18,000.00 ₱18,500.00

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