1616/Arita TY Series

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Designed by Teruhiro Yanagihara. Handcrafted in Japan using traditional Arita-yaki artisan ceramic techniques.

The TY ‘White Series’ range includes a small espresso cup, a mid-sized coffee cup, and a modernist mug for larger servings.

Pair it with the square plates to complete your coffee serving experience.


Espresso cup: 60 ml
Coffee cup: 130 ml
Mug: 230 ml

Plate Size:
Square plate 130: W127×D105×H15mm
Square plate 165: W165×D140×H15mm

Material: Porcelain

Suitable for microwave and dishwasher

Espresso Cup: ø60 x H52mm, weight: 72g

Coffee Cup: ø80 x H68mm, weight: 117g

Mug: ø86 x H85mm, weight: 150g

Hand-made in Japan

*Since this item is unglazed, the small black spots may appear during the firing process, and they are not defects. If a new stain shows up, please clean with a melamine sponge.