Leverpresso (2020)

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The new Leverpresso (2020) version has been redesigned and upgraded with all new parts to be more durable and better than ever before! We just made waking up a little better.

Designed and manufactured in Seoul South Korea, the Leverpresso is the smallest lever espresso machine of its kind. It's specially designed to give you complete control over the espresso extraction process, producing up to a consistent 9 bars of pressure. This tiny machine can not only extract rich crema but a full body of flavor and complexity from your fresh ground coffee beans. The tiny, portable, simple, and easy-to-use design makes the Leverpresso your perfect home and travel companion for camping, hiking, picnicking, or cross-country vacationing.

The package includes:

  • Leverpresso (2020) Machine (1)
  • 51mm Doubleshot 18-gram Non-Pressurized (bottomless) AND Pressurized Portafilter Basket {pre-installed} (1)
  • Plastic Tamper
  • Replacement O-ring for the Water Cylinder Piston (1)
  • Leverpresso Manual (1)



Yes, you get both pressurized and non-pressurized basket filters.


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